Sponsorship/Ambassador Program

Here at Hardbody Supplements we value and recognize the importance of team and hard work. Now you have the opportunity to be a part of our rapidly growing High Quality Supplement Company. We know that each of you have the potential to contribute to Hardbody Supplements in your own unique way, therefore we are not basing your value on the number of IG or Twitter followers you have. Greater opportunity within the company is performance based. We give you the tools to succeed and with your drive and motivation you create your own success. Being a part of our Hardbody Supplements team allows you the chance to use the highest quality products on the market and finally break into the industry that you’ve always dreamed of working in. Enroll now to become part of the Hardbody Supplements.

Join the Team Now, and Get $499 in Supps and Gear Delivered to your door for only $69.99! Limited Amount Remain. (These Are Items you will be sharing and marketing to potential clients to Earn an Absolute Killing in Commission as an Ambassador/Sponsored Athlete! We will show you what to do to earn sales!)

1 fermented Bcaa's + fermented Grass Fed New Zealand Whey Isolate + 1 Hardbody Supplement Shake + Wrist Band + I7 Sport Watches for All Ambassadors!



Beginners (0-5 Sales)

  • Access to the Hardbody Supplements Dropbox of images and logos and Videos to be successful.
  • Unique 25% off code for your customers. 
  • Personal Order Code

Intermediate (6-25 Sales)=$250-500 Earners

  • Private Access to Facebook Social Group for motivation and added tools for success.
  • 10% Commission on all future sales.
  • 1 FREE Product + 1 FREE “Swag” item.
  • Continued use of 25% off customer code and personal order code.

Advanced (26-40 Sales)=$1-2K Earners

  • 2 FREE Products + 2 FREE “Swag” item.
  • 15% commission on all sales.
  • Continued use of 25% off customer code and personal order code.

High Earner (40+ Sales) (Most Common) =5K Earners

  • Free $300 Value of retail product.
  • 20% Commission on all future sales.
  • Continued use of 25% off customer code and personal order code.
  • A unique opportunity to be considered for the official Hardbody Supplements ATHLETE program. 
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