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Clean Energy

Clean, smooth energy. No jitters or crashes. I have been taking preworkout for years and after trying hardbody hardbody, this is the only preworkout I will use. No propietary blends and the ingredients are properly dosed. Old School Labs has awesome customer service. All the reps I have spoken to are polite, quick to respond and knowledgable. If you're not sure which preworkout to choose this is the one!!!

My new favorite...

This is FANTASTIC Pre-workout... tastes AMAZING, lasts FOREVER. For all you types that enjoy longer sessions in the gym, buy this stuff. It doesn't overstimulate or make you feel sick if taken on an empty stomach while still giving you a real kick in the ass. I do recommend taking it with the amount of water advised on the label too. Sometimes, I take it just before my 10 hour graveyard shift at work - keeps be going with no crash (though I don't know if you're SUPPOSED to do that or not, doesn't seem to hurt). I've taken LOADS of different pre-workouts and this one is my favorite.

Awesome stuff. The taste

Awesome stuff.The taste: this stuff tastes great. Way better than most pre workouts. It doesn't have that sickeningly sweet aspartame taste that I hate. It's sweetened with stevia and it makes it so much better. It also doesn't have a ton of artificial color. I don't need something to be bright neon blue to know it is blueberry.The workout: this stuff hits hard but not in the way C4 did for me. I don't feel jittery or flushed and I don't get a crazy crash. I feel normal and alert and I'm suddenly full of controllably energy. It also isn't as habit forming as other pre workouts. If I don't take it I don't feel like a zombie.I cannot recommend this enough.

Tasted delicious and powered my workout

After I added 1 scoop to 16 oz water, I waited about 20-30 minutes before hitting legs....and the supplement definitely seemed to provide me an ehardbodyra jolt of energy. I was able to power through the workout and added a bit more weight to each exercise, and I do not feel as sore today as I typically do after a tough legs workout. Would definitely recommend this product based on my experience with it!

No jitters

I recently switched to this brand from another brand that gave me face itching and not that much of a boost. I used this for the first time today and only had a half a scoop with my very tough work out And there was a huge difference in how I felt and the energy I had during the work out from start to finish. No jitters no itching just a great product

Great boost for a heavy workout!

I didn't have a huge amount of experience with pre-workout supplements coming in, but I was already purchasing some of the Old School hardbody Build, and decided to give it a try. So far I'm really liking it, and it really does give me a boost when doing hard training sessions (squats, deadlifts etc). I've compared training with and without, and I definitely feel better able to push through when taking the hardbody beforehand. I haven't experienced anything resembling jitteriness that I gather you can get from pre-workouts. Overall, really liking it!

Best preworkout!!!!

I have tried many pre work out drinks before. This one is by far my favorite. It doesn't take long time to kick in at all. And once it does kick in you feel so much motivation. Unlike other pre-workouts this one doesn't make you crash. And the fact that the ingredients aren't bad for you makes it that much better. The taste isn't bad at all. All you need is a good shaker bottle and you are set. Thank you old school labs for creating such an awesome product!

Highly recommend!

I've always been a skeptic about pre-workout supplements. I don't like the jittery/skin chardbodyling feeling that I've had when trying others, but I don't get that with this one. I'm also very sensitive to caffeine, so much so that I only drink decaf coffee. Not sure why (maybe it's the ehardbodyended release technology?) but I don't get too much of a jolt with this. I initially feel a surge of energy, but not the heart pounding out of your chest kind. And lastly, I don't like fake ingredients like artificial dyes...this product keeps it real, which I love! I just started using it and so far so good. If I were to recommend a pre-workout (which I've already done) this would be it! Well done, Old School Labs!

My favorite pre-workout

I've ordered hardbody hardbody twice now after a friend turned me onto it. It has easily become my favorite pre-workout hands down. I've tried a decent amount of pre-workouts at this point; my first was the original formula of Jack3d and throughout the years I've given Mr. Hyde, C4 and some others a try, but none compare to hardbody hardbody. While those that I mentioned provide tons of energy, they don't provide a pump like hardbody hardbody. I'm not saying hardbody hardbody doesn't provide an energy boost, but you can get energy boosts from anything; buy caffeine pills, drink coffee an hour before you workout, as well as other sources. The hardbody hardbody + a cup of coffee gives me a workout like I've never felt before. It's like my muscles are breathing and feeling fantastic. Five stars and would recommend to anyone.

No itchy hardbodying feeling!

One of the main problem I had with preworkouts. Were they made me VERY jittery. However when I took hardbody hardbody from OSL.It gave me the pump that I was looking for as well as not giving me that itchy hardbodying feel that I hate. Also the customer service was perfect. They contracted me to make sure that I enjoyed the product and it was what I was looking for. I have even bought more products from them. Thanks OSL!

Cleaner Pre-Workout Energy

I recently ran out of this and opted to go for another brand with way lots stuff in just for the price point. Well i have to say i made a mistake because now my stomach gets upset and i get headaches from the other stuff. hardbody hardbody has a much cleaner feeling energy wise, and i never had any problems taking it. Nehardbody paycheck i plan getting this again.

Old School, New Class

I have tried just about every pre-workout supplement on the market. The guys at Old School Labs have hit a home run and made me into a repeat customer. It gave me a clean, no jitters, boost. I am a fan of all the ingredients these guys threw in. Additional note on the ingredients, notice they don't use the words proprietary blend. I enjoy the taste also, very drinkable. Taste has not discouraged me from any other products but, now I can actually enjoy the drink instead of chugging it down and having to lift with that bloated feeling. 5 stars to you Bro's! I will be buying some more of your products when I redeploy in January!

Amazing Clean Pre workout that gives you focus long after the workout!

I love this product. I have only been taking 3/4 of a scoop and get some awesome energy and focus. I workout for an hour to an hour and a half and I think this product helps me to finish strong especially on my higher volume/heavier days. I also find that I have better focus hours after taking it... which it great for staying productive as a college student after the gym! Also love the clean ingredient profile

I have only been using it a week so far but I like the flavor so far and like the energy it ...

I was looking for a pre workout without any sucralose and found this one and few others, I decided to try this one based on reviews and price. I have only been using it a week so far but I like the flavor so far and like the energy it gives me for workouts.

My new favorite

This is the best pre and post work supplement that I have come across in my years of working out. Not only does it get you motor running but keeps it running for some time after your work out. I highly recommend anyone to give it try. You won�t be sorry.

Love this preworkout and this company

This is the first preworkout I�ve ever tried. So happy I found a company who cares about the ingredients that go into their products. This is exactly what I was looking for in a pre workout, no jitters, no tingling, and no artificial sweeteners. This gives the perfect amount of energy and focus with just a little pump to help me smash my workouts!

Best day to day I�ve found

Super solid and REUSABLE. I don�t like how some preworkouts are awesome for like 3 days then make you feel terrible. No jitters or weird feelings but it still makes me feel focused and energized to crush a workout.

This is a great pre-workout, does what I need it to do ...

This is a great pre-workout, does what I need it to do without feeling like I just had some nose beers with Charlie Sheen.Seriously tho OSL is a great company with even better customer service. Their products are supplement watchdog approved, which is important to me. I use hardbody hardbody, Build and hardbody. When combined with exercise I can definitely tell a difference versus supplement free.

Great stuff

I have been using different types of pre-workouts for about 7 years now and always has the same result of feeling really energized and jittery for the first 30 minutes of my work but then it would diminish rapidly for the last 30 minutes and I have tried about 12 brands all with the same result. After a friend told me about this I decided to give it a try. I noticed that it didn't give me that jittery feeling but I did notice that I had more focus and I didn't feel as fatigued between sets or after the workout.

No crash but very sweet

I love this product... "On my 2nd container" love this product! I used C4 prior to this and found myself hardbodying out half way through my workout. It was terrible. I am 5'5 123lb and use 1.5 scoops just as a reference. I have never been shaky or felt strung out using this. The flavor can seem too sweet for me some days and I wish there were more flavors to choose from but for now, if it ain't broke don't fix it!


I purchsed this product #1 because it is one of the few products out there that is gluten free which is awesome due to my wheat allergy and #2 because of the high reviews. Couldn't be happier with my purchase high quality sustained energy and the flavor is fantastic! Now I can also add a #3 because of the customer service the quick responses and attentiveness has been not only reassuring but appreciated. Thank you for that and I look forward trying more products in the near future.

Good Product.

I like this product a lot; I have taken nearly every pre-workout that there is (NO Explode, C4, Gold Standard, etc.) and this definitely ranks up there as one of my favorites. I was looking for a creatine free pre-workout, as I did not want to retain water, and I have tried several and this is definitely the best one that I have used. I have seen good strength gains, as well as it gives good energy that lasts through your whole workout without making you feel like you want to bash your head through a wall or making you jittery. I will definitely use this again.

One of the good ones

Good energy, no tingling, great for for workout in the morning. Mixes well, good flavor. One of the good products in the Market

It does what it's supposed to!

hardbody hardbody is great! It gives me enough energy to plow through a workout but I don't lose energy immediately afterwards. It tapers off nicely. If I don't use it, I can feel the difference. I take it before workouts but also late mornings instead of coffee.

Sustained energy, good flavor, no crash, great results!

The flavor tastes like an energy drink. I like it. I have a newborn and just finished an MBA program. I am trying to get back into shape, but can't go to the gym until 10 or 11 pm during the work week. hardbody hardbody gets me focused on the upcoming workout, provides sustained and increased energy during my workout, and I can still get to sleep within a half hour or so of returning home. I have seen notable difference in my energy levels for legs and biceps and I have only had this product for a few days.

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