About Us

Do you find reaching your fitness goals as one of the most devastating challenges life throws at you? Have you been dreaming about the perfect body, but you haven’t yet found a way to achieve it? This is where Hardbody Supplements step in! We also design custom programs and coach clients all over the world. Email use for more details.

About Us:

The Hardbody Team is founded and headed by Law Payne, and his wife Patricia Payne. Driven by the vision to see people enjoy healthy lives! Driven by the passion to transform bodies and help clients reach their full potential. Law and Patricia have unlocked the secrets to achieving phenomenal results using their amazing products and success and education in the fitness industry.

Let me unveil the curtains as to the accomplishments of Law and his wife Patricia. This amazing couple has been featured on several national television stations, radio stations and podcast. They have written several articles for several major fitness magazines and are Best Selling Fitness Authors. In their professional pursuit they have helped clients to dream “Big” and achieve amazing results! Theirs clients have earned over 350 Pro Cards, 250 Pro Shows and 75 Pro World Titles in various federations such as WNBF, WBFF, PNBA, IFPA, SNBF, IFBB, Fitness America and Miss America Competition. The “every day” clients with elevated cortisol, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, lupus, MS, thyroid issues have also benefited immensely from their unique programs. Over 6,000 persons can confirm how their bodies have transformed from impact of The Hardbody Team. It’s not a gimmick, the results are REAL!!! They have the stats to support the claims while assisting clients to get into the best shape of their lives!

As we delve deeper in their professional certifications. Law and Patricia Payne Hold 21 Certifications in Nutrition, USA Olympic Lifting, Sports performance and over 15 Years of Experience Successfully Helping others. Masters Degree in Business, and Dual Bachelors in Business Management and Business Administration. Law and Patrica have also written and published well over 300 books over various topics and their books are  online and in stores all over the world.


·      National Academy Sports Medicine-Certified Personal Trainer

·      National Academy Sports Medicine-Corrective Exercise Specialist

·      National Academy Sports Medicine-Performance Enhancement Specialization

·      National Academy Sports Medicine-Weight Loss Specialization

·      International Sports Sciences Association -Personal Trainer Certification

·      International Sports Sciences Association-Fitness Nutrition Certification

·      International Sports Sciences Association-Sport Nutrition Certification

·      International Sports Sciences Association-Master Trainer Certification

·      International Sports Sciences Association-Elite Trainer Certification

·      International Sports Sciences Association-Sports Nutrition Certification

·      American Council on Exercise-Fitness Nutrition Specialist

·      American Council on Exercise-Weight Management Specialist

·      American Council on Exercise-Behavior Change Specialist

·      American Council on Exercise-Lifestyle and Weight Management

·      American Council on Exercise-Sports Conditioning Specialist

·      Functional Movement Systems-Level 1

·      Functional Movement Systems-Level 2

·      Venice Nutrition

·      Precision Nutrition-Level 1 Certified

·      USA-Olympic and Power lifting Level 1

·      USA-Olympic and Power lifting Level 2

The Hardbody Team believes that clients’ health and vitality is their number one priority and as such clients should know about the ingredients in every supplement. The products are rigorously tested at industry standard to ensure highest quality is delivered to clients.

Our Mission:

The mission behind Hardbody Supplements is to provide clients all over the world with the best and high-performance products – which can help people, achieve their body goals in an effective way! Our products have been made with the most effective and high-quality ingredients – personally picked by Law and Patricia. Customers can rest assure that all our products are FDA inspected and produced in cGMP facilities. With Zero Fillers and Zero Proprietary Blends, we guarantee to provide top quality products– which have been tested and proved.

Our vision is to help people become a better version of themselves and achieve the body goals they have fantasized about. In simpler words – We Change Lives!

The Hardbody Team is committed to service, excellence and integrity! We are not just “Talk” we stand firm behind every one of our products to ensure that optimal results are guaranteed! . For All custom Programs---Click Here