Ripped to Shredz Stimulant and Caffeine Free Preworkout for Men and Women with No Creatine | Electrolytes and Organic Stevia for Clean Energy
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Ripped to Shredz Stimulant and Caffeine Free Preworkout for Men and Women with No Creatine | Electrolytes and Organic Stevia for Clean Energy

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Q: What is Ripped to Shredz Super Formula?

A: Ripped to Shredz Preworkout Formula is designed to give you better workouts without facing side effects. It is stimulant-free and uses natural energy to help you build lean and toned muscles. The product is non-stimulant and is caffeine-free. It is loaded with electrolytes and organic stevia to provide clean energy.

Q: How effective is Shredz Super Formula?

A: Our super formula fuels your mind and body. With the prime selection of ingredients, it supplies high energy, strength, recovery, and lean muscles to the user.

Q: Who may benefit Ripped to Shredz Super Formula?

A: Individuals who are aiming to shed pounds while consuming clean energy during their workout. Our product is safe and efficient as it contains 0 carbs, 0 sugars, 0 calories, and 0 artificial colors. It’s all pure with only the most premium ingredients without any banned substances and is GMO-free. It is keenly made to the very highest standards, is FDA inspected, and 3rd Party Certified, thus, providing reliability.

Q: How often do I use Ripped to Shredz Super Formula?

A: Mix only 1 scoop of the formula with 4-10 oz of water, juice, or smoothie. It’s best to have it 15-20 minutes before exercise and 1 scoop during post-workout. Having the formula 1-3 servings each day for around 3 months can exhibit outstanding results.

Customer Reviews

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It helps

I like the taste but it has a zing and kinda burns my tongue. It does help wake me up though


Haven't seen any positive affects yet and definitely haven't felt energized, likely won't finish the container or be buying it again

The best products, I loved them!!

I am very happy and satisfied with the products, the work great!! High quality😃👍


Love my preworkout. No shakes. Love it

Great product and customer service.

I typically wouldn't give 5 stars to a product but this is a great product and customer focused company.When I received the product I purchased it was fairly solid. I believe this is a result of exposure to moisture. A few days after the purchase the company reached out to see what I thought of the product. I let them know I had just received it because of my location over seas but there was an issue and the product was not in a powder form. They were very quick to offers to replace it and send any flavor that I wanted. The flavor I chose was actually listed on amazon at a higher price than my initial choice but with out hesitation the company immediately shipped the replacement.The product works great for me. I dont like pre-workouts that make your heart race like crazy or feel like it's going to jump out of your chest. I was intensely focused and the energy lasted through multiple rounds of HIIT/crossfit style workouts lasting over an hour. Post workout energy remained constant and I never felt a crash. I was able to perform well with a half serving but that will be different for each individual.This comment is for the company, I have begun intermittent fasting and morning workouts are in a fasted state so it would be great if Legon had a pre-workout that was focused on zero calories and produced no insulin response that would "break" the fast. I dont know what the insulin response is from your product so I avoid taking it while fasting. Thanks for everything!

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