THT Black Label Shred Formula
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THT Black Label Shred Formula

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THT Black Label Shred Formula

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diet pill for energy

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Awesome products

Thank you for providing top notch products & service. I'm a customer for life!
Thank you very much, Don

Love this product

10/10 ! I love this product. I take two in the morning before my workout and two more later in the day. I've been using this product for a little over a week now, along with exercising and eating healthy, and I already see a difference in my body. I've lost about 5 pounds so far. This product also isn't like those other caffeinated fat burners that will make you wired - its just perfect. I definitely recommend this product.

May as well have been a placebo

I literally did not notice anything when I took this product. I use the C4 and that’s great but this may as well have been a placebo.

It works!

This product got me off the couch! Cleaned the house, all the laundry and even joined a gym! No jitters, just plain energy! I'm a 58 year old women with low blood pressure problems. Wasn't able to accomplish to many things at one time. But this really works for me. Finally can get things done. My appetite has decreased immensely! The energy is out of sight! Buy

Not for Caffeine Sensitive People

This product didn’t offer what they promised. It made me feel sick and gloomy. For example, I would take one 6 hrs before my sleeping time. And then worked out, unfortunately I could not even start or get energy to finish. And worst, at night, took me hora to sleep. I tried it for a couple of days and tried to adjust to it. I even tried taking it earlier, but nothing worked. For this reason, this product made me realized fat burners are not for everyone.

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