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Transformation Plans and Weight Loss Programs

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Our Transformation and Weight Loss Plans are all done from scratch. It's finally time to get in the best shape of your life. SEE Below for Details! If your looking for a Trainer/Prep Coach or Nutritionalist, then look no further.


What's Included With Our Transformation & Weight Loss Programs:

  • Customized Meal Plans (W/ Adjustments)

  • Custom Workout & Training Programs (W/ Adjustments)

  • Custom Cardio Programs (W/ Adjustments)

  • Accountability + Unlimited Support and Weekly Check-In's 

  • The Year Plan is the Lowest Price Option


Areas of Concentration:

-Fat Loss Programs
-Weight Loss Programs
-Weight Loss Management 
-Diabetes Reversal Therapy
-Weight Management Plans 
-Obesity Management
-Hypertension Treatment
-Cardio Metabolic Health
-Metabolic Syndrome Management
-Thyroid Management Plans
-Competition Preparations (including posing +Peak Week)
-Reverse Dieting
-Metabolic Rehabilitation
-Ketogenic Diet Plans
Disclaimer (*Results May Vary from person to person)


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 56 reviews
    From Fat To Fit

    Patricia and Law Payne are absolutely the best coaches out there and you can transform you body with eating normal food. Love there program. I have been at my best when ,I followed them and was on there program. Let’s face it everyone could you a coach. Tiger Woods has several coaches.

    Good workout

    Good, quick cardio workout for someone who doesn't have a lot of time. Would recommend this for busy moms like me.

    This worked for me!

    I am always interested in hearing a new approach to health and fitness. The suggested exercise format (on the disc and in the book) using an exercise method called Tabata, really moves the weight off. I have had great success considering I have been traveling and had the holidays involved in the first couple of week. The suggestions do not mandate a difficult eating routine or impossible exercise drill.

    Really Effective Plan

    This is the perfect exercise guide for me. It's actually a totally new philosophy about what exercise is and has always been for humans..it's not just about weight loss, but about strength, building endurance, and keeping your energy and metabolism up throughout the day. It's a much healthier way to think about and practice being fit. Highly recommend!

    Awesome weight loss plan!

    The Thin in 10 Weight-Loss Plan: Transform Your Body (and Life!) in Minutes a Day...love this book! It's sooooo well laid out... VERY easy to understand and follow! Perfect for lifestyle changes, as opposed to other radical diets you know you could never keep up...this one is very smartly done! She gives easy to understand reasons for the different exercises so you get why something helps and what it does! A very cool dvd so you can see the basics! Highly recommend!

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