OMG Pre-Workout Drink for Energy,Pumps and Performance
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OMG Pre-Workout Drink for Energy,Pumps and Performance

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Q: What is Hardcore O.M.G. Preworkout Formula?

A: O.M.G. Preworkout Formula is a natural and effective supplement that is made with organic stevia. It is efficient in boosting energy, focus, stamina, mental clarity, as well as building muscles and losing weight.

Q: Does O.M.G help with building lean muscle and weight management?

A: Yes, this potent formula helps you lose weight quickly and naturally as it is an appetite suppressant. It also helps with muscle buildup as you gain extra energy during workouts.

Q: Is the product safe to use?

A: Yes, the product is safe to use without any banned substances. Ingredients used are rigorously inspected and strictly formulated. It is keenly produced in a GMP-Certified facility.

Q: Can the product cause allergies?

A: The product is manufactured inside a facility where it handles gluten, shellfish, milk, soy, peanuts, and tree nuts. It can cause allergies for those who are sensitive to these substances.

Customer Reviews

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One of my staples! Works and no artificial sweeteners!
Taste awesome!

Taste amazing

Great product, great tasting, great results


OMG Pre-Workout Drink for Energy,Pumps and Performance

Clean Energy

Clean, smooth energy. No jitters or crashes. I have been taking preworkout for years and after trying hardbody hardbody, this is the only preworkout I will use. No propietary blends and the ingredients are properly dosed. Old School Labs has awesome customer service. All the reps I have spoken to are polite, quick to respond and knowledgable. If you're not sure which preworkout to choose this is the one!!!

My new favorite...

This is FANTASTIC Pre-workout... tastes AMAZING, lasts FOREVER. For all you types that enjoy longer sessions in the gym, buy this stuff. It doesn't overstimulate or make you feel sick if taken on an empty stomach while still giving you a real kick in the ass. I do recommend taking it with the amount of water advised on the label too. Sometimes, I take it just before my 10 hour graveyard shift at work - keeps be going with no crash (though I don't know if you're SUPPOSED to do that or not, doesn't seem to hurt). I've taken LOADS of different pre-workouts and this one is my favorite.

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