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Amazing Micellar Casein Protein Powder

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Q: What is Micellar Casein Protein?

A: Micellar Casein Protein is a slow-releasing protein that ensures positive nitrogen retention in muscles. It helps in feeding muscles with BCAAs, probiotics, and digestive enzymes for your body’s optimal potential.

Q: How effective is Micellar Casein Protein?

A: Our product contains loads of probiotics, digestive enzymes, and organic stevia to provide your body what it needs to repair and recover.

Q: Who may benefit Micellar Casein Protein?

A: Exercise enthusiasts who want to gain muscles, repair them, and protect their gut. Also, users must ensure that they are not allergic to milk, peanuts, wheat, fermented eggs, sesame, seafood, and tree nuts.

Q: How often do I use Micellar Casein Protein?

A: Mixing 1-2 scoops of the powder to 12 oz of cold water is a must. Any other liquid will do as long as it’s non-dairy. You can use unsweetened almond milk for a richer and fuller taste. It is best to take the product at night or after workout combining it with whey protein isolate for more efficiency.

Customer Reviews

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Loved this product. Tasted great and mixed well in liquid.

Wonderful product

Great tasting and mixed very well. Well worth the money for quality

Love it!

This thing keeps me pushing myself to gym whenever I dont feel like going. So that I can have this after sweating.. Delicious and nutritious!

No Longer Same Taste

I have been purchasing this product and using it for years now. This most recent order I placed seemed to change the flavor and consistency. The past few packages came with a label saying "New look, same formula". While this appeared to be true initially, the most recent one tastes incredibly watery, and no longer has that milkshake flavor. It tastes almost like really really badly watered down milk.I had some of the old batch, tried that, tasted great. Whatever they have done recently though, their formula is changed and it is no longer the great product I once loved.


I had tried several different protein powders and they were all ok. The best gain in muscle mass is when I was on this stuff along with cellmass. I used Syntha-6 before without cellmass and still had very good results. It was just a little more with cellmass. This stuff tastes great too. I mix it only with water and whatever other supplements I put into it. It mixes (taste wise) very well with other supplements. This flavor and the sthardbodyberry (I think) are both very tasty. It is almost like a post workout treat really. Calories aren't too bad. I had used some powders in the past that had really high calorie counts without much other good stuff in there. I learned my lesson.

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