It is pretty common observation that women competitors are always in their shape, year after year, ready for competition. This connotes that they are always sweating in the gym getting ready for content preparation, which further suggests that they are pretty much on a dieting routine, all the time.

As far as we have observed, there are two reasons behind this motivation; the first one is to stay in right shape for competitions all the time and the second reason is that women hate the way they look in the off-season. The second reason is a stark reality as most of the women can’t stand a glance of their off-season body, with 15-20lb extra, as they have set higher bars of fitness for themselves in other times of the year.

Regardless of the motivation which is active behind this hectic lifestyle, women should give their bodies some rest and avoid getting stretched by their intense workout routines. There are certain reasons why you should give your body a much-needed break in the off-season. A couple of them are:

Slow Metabolism

Studies have shown that repeated cycles of intense workout routines lead to slowing of your metabolism rate. This is because when you don’t give necessary recovery time to your body, you find it extremely hard to lose the pounds you so direly wish to get rid of. Consequently, you will be forced to cut on your normal intake of calories and increase the number of cardio drills you have already been doing.


Lost Muscles

The second issue which accompanies the process is that you are destined to end up losing muscles if you stick to a pushing diet routine all the time. This is because when you reduce the calories intake and add to your exercise routine, the caloric effect of workout will take a toll on your body.

It is extremely vital to give some requisite amount of time to your muscles for relaxing. The time which you give to your body helps your hormones recover and regain the muscles you have lost during the preparation phase.

It is very important to have a normal offseason; one which is without over the edge workout drills and starvation routines. This is the time when your body recovers up to a greater extent. So, you shouldn’t be dieting in this phase.

Women should understand that their offseason body, with 15lbs extra, will still be a lot leaner and more beautiful than most of the women out there. Moreover, your boyfriend will love this facet of your personality as well. So, you shouldn’t be afraid to gain some pounds during the offseason.

The earlier you understand that it is totally unrealistic to manage a competition body all the time, better it is. This is because it will save you from all the unrequired starvation and hard work. The secret to a happy life is to stay content with the nuances which your body undergoes.


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