Planning holds Core Importance to make Progress in the Gym


Planning is of core importance when it comes to making progress in the gym. This is because all of your hard work and efforts are totally lamented if you don’t toil to the right direction in a systematic manner. If you have been doing a lot of struggle in the gym but failing to ensure a substantial progress then you should reconsider your efforts and start from the scratch with a clear policy in mind.

Importance of Planning

If you’re wandering directionless in the gym then you won’t reach the place you so badly desire to be at. Planning holds core importance if you want to make any sorts of physical progress. Planning includes reserving each day for a specific exercise. For instance, Mondays could be for chest and back, Wednesdays for arm development, while Saturdays could be your leg day, only if you work out on weekends.

Cash on Genetic Potentials

Our bodies are different from one another and response differently to the efforts we put in the gym. You should know your genetic potentials and make efforts accordingly. If you learn how different muscles respond to exercise then you can control their growth by altering your drills in the gym.

Change Repetitions for Getting Varying Results

The importance of policy and planning can be determined from the fact that varying the repetitions of the same exercise you can get different results in the gym. For instance;

  • Repetitions ranging from 6-12 will promote growth
  • Repetitions ranging from 3-5 will promote strength
  • Repetitions above 15 will promote conditioning of your body

So, you should determine the needs of your body and then opt to a specific workout regime. For example, if you want to increase your size then you should be doing 6-12 reps of each drill.

Apart from determining the repetitions for the body response, you need to plan the type of exercise you need a week in and week out. For instance, for one week your focus should be on growth, then during the next week you should be working on gaining strength, and then in the third week, you should be looking to condition your body.

When you plan and then hit the gym accordingly then it becomes easy for you to monitor your progress and find out where you need to put extra work. Going to the gym without a substantial policy on your hand won’t get you anywhere good.

Simple Steps to Progress

With proper planning, you can achieve progress quite easily. Consider a simple example of squat where you can do three or four sets of 6-12 reps in the first week. In the second week, you can three or four reps of 3-6 reps with elevated loads. Then in the third week, you can revert back to lower weight levels but should three or four sets of 15 or more reps to ensure conditioning.

As the time increases, the weight you lift will also increase. The numbers of sets and reps will change accordingly as well. So, it is crucial to plan before making any sorts of efforts in the gym.

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