High-Intensity Interval Training Burns Fat

Burning the excess of fat and getting into a desired shape is the most demanding task. This requires you to be on your toes and push forward with the maximum possible efforts. High-Intensity Interval Training is a tested strategy with which you can easily get rid of most of your body while working out.

High-Intensity Interval Training

As the name suggests, HIIT is full of intense workout routines which are carefully coupled with intervals of rest or low-intensity workouts. You will witness a drastic change in your physique if you’re putting in a right amount of effort.

As a result of HIIT, a lot of strain is put on your body. Your lungs activity will increase when the oxygen consumption of your body will go up. Apart from this, your heart pumping will pick the pace and the speed of blood flow will elevate. Moreover, you will be required to mentally during this phase as you are required to undergo intense drills which happen at very swift paces.

There are multiple HIIT routines which you can adopt and bring the change in your body, you have always been wishing for. Some of them are discussed below:

  • 10 sets of 20 burpees coupled with 50 crunches during each set
  • 8 sets of 20-second sprint followed by 30-second rest
  • 8 sets of 30-second prowler sprint with load plates, according to your size, with 1 min rest after each set
  • 8 sets of 30 medical ball squats along with 50 pile squats during each interval

Importance of Intensity

It is worth-mentioning here that intensity is extremely important when it comes to getting results out of HIIT drills. If your efforts substantial amount of intensity and zeal then you might not be able to enjoy the result you so badly wish for.

Without exaggerated levels of intensity, you won’t be able to witness any substantial change in your physique. Good things don’t come easy in life; you have to work hard and put a great deal of hard work and let loads of your sweat flow for them.

It is extremely important to keep a check on your heart beat during High-Intensity Interval Trainings. The best practice is to reach up to 90% of your heart rate during the high-intensity workouts and then come down to 30% heart rate in the low-intensity workouts.

You can wear heart rate monitors for the purpose. As soon as the heart rate goes up after the high-intensity drills, revert to low intensity ones and when the heart rate reduces to around 30% then revert back to high-intensity drills. You will need a lot of determination and effort to make this thing happen so you should be mentally prepared to beforehand.

HIIT and Muscle Preservation

An interesting thing which you should know is that HIIT doesn’t reduce your muscle size as do the slow cardio exercises. However, the excess of your fat is broken down by oxygen to meet the high energy levels of your body.

With continuous efforts, you will eventually be successful in achieving your body goals.

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