Hardbody’s 60 Day Transformation CHALLENGE FAQS

Hardbody’s 60 Day Transformation CHALLENGE FAQS

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Hardbody’s 60 Day Transformation CHALLENGE FAQS

 What Is The Hardbody 60 Day Transformation CHALLENGE?

The Challenge is a program created by Eleven-Time Drug-Free Bodybuilding and Figure World Champion’s Patricia Payne & Terri McBee + Coaches @Hardbody Nutrition. These Fitness Experts hold over 21 Top Accredited Nutrition and Personal Training Certifications. It is a comprehensive training, nutrition and supplementation plan designed to help you gain get in some serious shape.

What Included with the Hardbody 60 Day Transformation CHALLENGE?

  • Free Training Phase 1 (Week 1-4)
  • Free Training Phase 2 (Week 5-8)
  • Free Nutrition Phase 1 (Week 1-4)
  • Free Nutrition Phase 2 (Week 5-8) 
  • Fat Melting Cardio Workouts (Week 1-8)
  • Detailed Supplement Protocol To Lose Weight and Shred Body Fat
  • 24/7 Motivation and Support
Can I hire a personal trainer,nutritionist for this Challenge?

Yes, Yes, Yes!!! We Encourage it. This challenge is about YOU getting in the best shape within the next 60 days! 

Do I have to follow you your program to be in the challenge to win the prizes?

NO WAY! We provide struture for everyone in the challenge. Our goal is to help you transform in the next 60 days! 

How Do I Enter The Challenge?

Go here to see all of the details regarding how to register for The Challenge. After you complete the registration process, you will receive a confirmation email with details on what to do next. So make sure to check your email and spam and junk folder after registration.


When Can I Upload My Photos And Measurements?

The page to enter your photos and measurements will be live on January 29, 2018-Feb.19, 2018. All registered participants will receive an email notification and link to the page where they can upload photos on that date. You will have until Febuary 19, 2018 to enter your photos and measurements to qualify for the challenge prizes.


When Will I Receive The Hashtag To Hold Up In My “Before” And “After” Photos?

In your “Before” and “After” front-view photos, you are required to hold up a piece paper with the challenge hashtag written on it in order to be eligible to win any prizes. The “Before” hashtag will be emailed to you after registration. The “After” hashtag will be emailed to you on April 21, 2018.


When Does The Challenge Begin?

The Challenge beings on Febuary 19, 2018.


When Will I Be Able To View The Program?

Registered participants will be able to view the entire training, nutrition and supplementation program on Feb 19, 2018. Once the Challenge is completed, the program will be available for viewing online until May 25, 2018. 


Where Can We Ask Patricia and Terri and their Training Team Questions About The Challenge?

On Feb 19, you will receive a link to the Hardbody’s 60 Day Transformation CHALLENGE Secret Group/Forums. Patricia/Terri and her trainers from the Hardbody Coaching will be on the forums every day during The Challenge to answer your questions.

How Will I Receive Emails During The Challenge?

Once you register for the Challenge, the email you use when registering will be automatically added to the Challenge email list. This is an automated system that assures you will receive all emails during the Challenge. If you are not receiving emails, please check your Junk folder. If you are still not receiving emails, email us at


How and When Will Winners Be Chosen?

Patricia and Terri and Hardbody Nutrition will select winners based on a combination of the biggest visual and numerical (weight loss, measurements) transformations. A total of three (30) winners will be selected. Winners will be announced weekly and on April 30, 2018.

Not registered for the Hardbody 60 Day Transformation CHALLENGE? Go here to enter today!

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See The Hardbody’s 60 Day Transformation Challenge Rules

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